I tried in the Kannel user archives how to link Mbuni with Kannel,and this is 
their answer:



This question should be addressed to the mbuni users list, not kannel. Mbuni 
is using kannel, not the other way around.

I did play some time ago with mbuni, and i know that the only thing needed 
is to specify in mbuni.conf smsbox's sendsms url. You do that, and it will 
send notification to mobile, which can then fetch content.

For more details ask the mbuni group.

I  asked them how can i link Mbuni with Kannel,because i guess this is the  
problem: maybe Kannel and Mbuni can't communicate between them.

Could  you please take a look at my previous posts where i wrote down my  
configuration files and logs,in order to help me to understand what may  cause 
this problem?

Thank in advance for your help

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