i've combed through the list archives and have gotten as far as i can but still 
no luck actually pulling an MMS message down from AT&T.

i've followed the setup for an MM1 connection as described here:


everything works up to the point where Mbuni tries to download the message, at 
which point the connection times out. doing a tcpdump shows a similar problem 
noted by Ray Pitmon about a year back that the download attempt to AT&T is 
using the IP address of eth0 and not of ppp0. (archived post: 

in that post, Ray mentioned changing/adding a config option so libmmsbox_mm1 
would use ppp0 (not sure if he means the http-interface option?). i'm not sure 
what he did so what i've tried, unsuccessfully:

-adding route commands to ip-up (and ip-down) to remove (and then restore) eth0 
as the default route and add ppp0 as the default route. that doesn't help, the 
connection to AT&T still appears to originate from my eth0 IP address.

-i brought my ppp connection up (which removed eth0 from the route table) and 
then recompiled Mbuni. don't know why i thought that might help, but it didn't. 

-added http-interface=ppp0 to my custom-settings in mmsbox.conf. that didn't 
help either.

i'm at a dead end here and would really appreciate more detail on what i need 
to do to have libmmsbox_mm1 bind to ppp0 instead of eth0.


Christopher A. Le Dantec
Human-Centered Computing Ph.D. Candidate
School of Interactive Computing, College of Computing 
Georgia Institute of Technology
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