Dear all,


We are currently testing MM4 between two Mbuni MMSCs by sending MMS from
the originator in one domain to the recipient in another domain.


We are using the fakesmsc simulator and are observing the following
trace corresponding to the Push Notification from the terminating Mbuni
MMSC towards the recipient:


2011-07-18 16:03:35 [3243] [0] DEBUG: Got message 27: <654321
+35699123456 udh %06%05%04%0B%84%23%F0


After the recipient retrieves the MMS, the following SMS traces
corresponding to the retrieval report are generated from the originating
Mbuni MMSC towards the MMS originator:


2011-07-18 16:05:38 [3412] [0] DEBUG: Got message 111: <54321
+35679637963 udh %0B%05%04%0B%84%23%F0%00%03%3E%02%01

2011-07-18 16:05:38 [3412] [0] DEBUG: Got message 112: <54321
+35679637963 udh %0B%05%04%0B%84%23%F0%00%03%3E%02%02


We noted that this retrieval report is different when compared to the
retrieval report generated when the MMS originator and recipient belong
to the same domain.  In the latter case, the retrieval report consists
of a single rather than two SMS and the content is also different.
Kindly let us know whether:

(a)    The retrieval report is expected to be different when an MMS is
exchanged between two domains  

(b)   We are interpreting the SMS traces correctly in saying that they
correspond to the retrieval report as otherwise the traces would
indicate that the originating Mbuni MMSC is not generating a retrieval


Best Regards,



Deborah and Andrew

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