Hey guys,

First thanks for the information. The site has been really helpful. I am
completely new to MMS (and all things SMS, VoIP, etc) so I am grateful for
all the information so far.

I have a number setup through Google Voice. Which has zero MMS support. I
have all my SMS and Voice and Voicemail going through them right now.

I was wondering if it is possible to setup my own MMSC and supplement the
lack of MMS support from Google. I am not sure what lines are drawn where.

To give you an idea of what I have setup, and would like to support is as

I have a phone with Simple Mobile (a T-mobile MVNO) a 385 number. My number
is ported to Google Voice (a 801 number). So when someone calls me (801) it
goes to GV and then is redirected to my  (385) cell phone. In theory it
could go elsewhere as well. SMS also goes directly to GV and then I use
their app to retrieve messages. MMS just fails. I get no notifications etc.

Is it possible to have voice and voicemail handled through GV and setup my
own MMSC to handle SMS and MMS? Do I have to handle the entire suite (VoIP,


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