I'm trying to get mms-server to post-url but the only thing that happens is
MM1 attempt from the global queue.

My setup is MM4 coming from postfix and running mmsfromemail. Here is the
success for being queued:
2015-11-20 19:44:25 [11436] [0] INFO: mmsfromemail.c:285 <main>
[mmsfromemail] [n/a] MM4 Incoming Queued message to + 15555555555/TYPE=PLMN
from +12222222222/TYPE=PLMN (via mms.example.com) => o-qf8665.1.x436.26

My configuration:
group = mms-service
http-post-parameters = fx=true&images[]=%i&text[]=%t
accept-x-mbuni-headers = true
omit-empty = no
suppress-reply = true
service-code = regular

Logs from mmsc:
2015-11-20 20:23:10 [11716] [1] DEBUG: Queued to thread 1 for
/var/spool/filter/mm1/qf1792.2.x476.44, sendt=1448049289, tnow=1448050990
2015-11-20 20:23:10 [11716] [6] INFO: mmsmobilesender.c:306 <sendNotify>
[MM1] [n/a] Preparing to notify client to fetch message at URL:
2015-11-20 20:23:10 [11716] [17] ERROR: URL
doesn't start with `http://' nor `https://'
2015-11-20 20:23:10 [11716] [17] ERROR: Couldn't send request to
2015-11-20 20:23:10 [11716] [5] ERROR: mmsmobilesender.c:90 <do_mm1_push>
[MM1] [n/a]  Push[qf2338.1.x686.43] from +12222222222/TYPE=PLMN, to
+15555555555, failed, HTTP code => -1
2015-11-20 20:23:10 [11716] [5] INFO: mmsmobilesender.c:370 <sendNotify>
[MM1] [n/a] Sent Mobile Queue MMS Send Notify: From=+12222222222/TYPE=PLMN,
to=+15555555555/TYPE=PLMN, msgsize=570182, reason=. Processed in 0 secs

The url http://my.server.com/test from the config never gets called. I
checked out more examples and have gone through the documentation but not
sure if I am missing something to say perform the post-url instead of MM1.
In mmsc-services I also tried to just start relay so the mm1 doesn't happen
but that didn't really change much.
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