Thanks, Bo. I gave up on UniServerZ and gave XAMPP another try. Finally got
it working, but can't quite tell what I was doing wrong. Just kept retrying
the instructions from the top and suddenly, it was working.


Current issue is getting Zend working.  Don't know what these things are so




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I know it is not your question, but I am using WPN-XM (nginx), and it is
working fine

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Emne: UinserverZ for Netbeans for PHP development 


Newbie here: this it the first time I've used a mail list in a decade or
more, so hope I'm doing it right.


I'm trying to set up Netbeans for online app development using
PHP/JavaScript. Tried using XAMPP for local server but things didn't go
well. Now trying UniserverZ, but no luck so far. Uniserver has a tool called
UniController.exe with which one can choose from 3 different php.ini files,
php_test.ini, php_development.ini, or php_production.ini. The tool also
allows viewing  of settings and stuff, with which I can see that the default
place to look for php.ini is C:\Windows. Therefore I think a copy of the
selected ini is renamed php.ini and put in C:\windows.  HOWEVER, in Netbeans
one must browse to the wanted php.ini, but its' not there.


So, my first question is has anyone here ever used UniserverZ with NetBeans?



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