Ah, also works with https. Cool!

On 06/03/18 16:30, Antonio wrote:
I miss some https digital certificate, though.

On 06/03/18 16:17, Geertjan Wielenga wrote:
Hi all,

Take a look:


Many thanks to a lot of work over many months by several people -- especially Chris, Wade, Antonio, and Neil.

The site looks awesome, multiple people now understand how it works, a lot more needs to be done, but we now have a minimal site up and running, with everything we need to move forward.

A next question/discussion is the relationship between the new site andnetbeans.org <http://netbeans.org/>-- IMHO everything should redirect fromnetbeans.org <http://netbeans.org/>to netbeans.apache org and thennetbeans.org <http://netbeans.org/>should point tonetbeans.apache.org <http://netbeans.apache.org/>so that there's no difference between them and everything runs on the Apache infrastructure.



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