There are no main architects, there are no main anythings. We are all in
this together and decide together what the priorities are. Those working on
NetCAT ( will come with a
proposal on which issues to be fixed for a specific release and through
discussion together -- and, if needed, a vote process -- we come to

There is nothing special in this at all -- that's how Apache projects work.

For example, see this, though there are probably many similar references:


On Wed, Mar 7, 2018 at 2:31 PM, Bo Andersen <> wrote:

> I am just curious, how do you prioritize stories in JIRA? Lot of people
> may create bugs, features requests and set it has high priority to
> get there specific case/request solved.
> What if some one  has a feature request, which not benefit the majority of
> users, but only make the ide more complex to use and maintain. Are there
> some main architects who decides which features needs to be implemented, or
> are there some voting about the priority and/or if it's relevant?
> Thanks
> Regards Bo

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