This is possibly off topic.

Does anyone on this list know how<> and the JRE update 
program will treat the 6 month development cycle planned for Java 10+?

Currently neither of these tools is pushing Java 9 to end users yet, and Java 
10 will be here soon!

I bring this up because, historically, I couldn’t release code for any version 
of Java that wasn’t “public”.   So for example I couldn’t release code, or even 
seriously write code, for Java 8 until long after it had been officially 
released.   I have to believe that many other corporate developers have a 
similar restriction.

While we are on the subject, is there a way to make the Java updater just 
update automatically like my web browser?   I maintain 5 computers (some of the 
virtual) and I am constantly updating the JRE.  It is just getting kind of 
annoying.   One of the product managers here complained that he didn’t like 
having to do it every 3 months on just ONE computer.   Maybe autoupdates would 
be bad for some corporate environments, but it would be good for me personally.

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