On 04/03/2018 06:08 PM, Efrem Mc wrote:
> I went to an existing Java Application, and switched it from JDK8
> (default) to JDK10.  I rebuild using Clean and Build....
> I received no error message and was able to run the app without any errors.

> I am not sure these are the steps mention.  Please advise.

It was when starting the profiler, but this morning I tried again after
deleting userdir, cache, and sample project, and couldn't reproduce it.
I'm assuming it had to do with changing source level and JDK version
repeatedly during testing.

>> On Tue, Apr 3, 2018 at 5:33 PM, Glenn Holmer <ce...@kolabnow.com> wrote:
>>> I'm also seeing this for java.lang.AssertionError (when starting the
>>> profiler against the Anagram Game sample project under JDK 10), with a
>>> message saying "Changing source level to 1.3" (looks like lines 970-977
>>> of JavacParser).

Glenn Holmer (Linux registered user #16682)
"After the vintage season came the aftermath -- and Cenbe."

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