On Thu, 9 Aug 2018 at 23:38, Paul Szudzik <pszud...@throwarock.com> wrote:
>     It didn’t ask me if I wanted to bring any settings over from previous 
> versions ( Which was 8.2 ) but being Linux, figured it couldn’t find it’s way.

That's odd!  Never had a problem with the import settings dialog not
showing on any of the dev, rc, or released builds.

>     So, I am happy for now.. but a DEB variant would make life a lot easier 
> for a lot of people..

A .deb specifically?  They're really easy to make out of the zip
bundle (rather than in the "official" way).  Wrote an old blog post on
this - https://praxisintermedia.wordpress.com/2013/03/28/packaging-as-a-deb/
 That might be an option?

There is work ongoing around a Snap package though, and possibly that,
and/or Flatpak, and/or AppImage are a better way forward?  It wouldn't
be Linux if there was only one option to choose from! ;-)  Personally
think an AppImage might be good.

On Fri, 10 Aug 2018 at 12:41, Carl Mosca <carljmo...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I don't see anything complicated about using it as is on MacOS, Linux, or 
> Windows and have done so but one I see questions from folks who are used to 
> installing software in a certain way and two I did get tired of running it 
> via the command line (which certainly works on the Mac) so I hacked a small 
> script to "install" it after having done same manually.

Actually a macOS installer?  The things I've seen have been app
bundles, which seem perhaps an easier way forward (there's already
support in the RCP build scripts) and more in line with the Snap-like
Linux approach?  Although we could possibly do with better error
reporting if the JDK can't be found in that case.

Which just leaves Windows ...

Best wishes,


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