Hi everyone, first of all, the new netbeans looks great!

Question 1) Plugin/update repos
Here's the list of plugin repos I'm currently using, Are these still
supported and/or recommended for use? I've lost track of what is what.





Question 2) Autocomplete for JSP pages
Perhaps I'm missing a plugin or something, but autocomplete for java code
in a jsp page does not appear to be resolving. Html autocomplete works just
fine but it's the java code that's not working. For previous versions of
NB, this was usually due to not installing the "EE" version. Does this
still exist? From what I gathered, most of the extra functionality in the
EE version looks like it's all available in the plugin repo. I installed
pretty much all of the web related plugins that are available in the above
repos however jsp autocomplete isn't working. Is there something i need to

And yes, i know no one likes to use jsp pages anymore.

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