Hi there!

Is there any way to instruct netbeans to NOT download this particular index?

I could not find any GUI element that enables me to switch off just this index, 
so I was wondering if there is a text file I could edit within netbeans' 
configuration. I am aware of turning off maven indexes completely, but this is 
not applicable for me, since I am using the overall feature - and it is an 
awesome feature.

The OSSRH snapshot index requires tens of gigabytes to unpack (30GiB, maybe 
60? Somewhere around that), and I don't want to allocate such free space just 
for this. Besides, following the expected out-of-disk-space error, netbeans 
enters an infinite loop trying again and again, which causes useless bandwith 
stress and SSD wear. Cancelling the download also causes retries within a few 

I also wanted to take a look at the source code and help developing this 
feature, but I don't know where the current source of truth for the source 
code is right now, how to build netbeans etc. - but that's a discussion for 
the dev mailing list.


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