Hello. I have a suite of applications that use Http POSTs to push content
to NiFi "on [their] demand". My HandleHttpRequest processor works for the
most part, employing an SSL Context Service and a StandardHttpContextMap.

Yesterday apps were unable to post. We are in development and test, and so
I had been sending the "success" output from HandleHttpRequest not only to
my main workflow stream, but also to a temporary holding queue feeding into
a MonitorActivity processor. In other words I was accumulating all the
input I received so that I could review it using list queue if required.

Bottom line: I started to get errors because HandleHttpRequest could not
accept requests. I suspect it was due to reaching the maximum threshold for
my StandardHttpContextMap. With all those incoming requests queued up in
that temporary queue, I believe I was not releasing these Http contexts
from the map.

Is there a means to monitor the capacity usage for StandardHttpContextMap?
I'd like to devise some means to throw a log alert if and when
StandardHttpContextMap gets to within 75% of my Maximum Outstanding
Requests associated with the context map.

Thank you in advance for your thoughts. -Jim

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