Hi Team,

I did the following steps to configure ssl for nifi:

  *   Ran `bin/tls-toolkit.sh standalone -n 'hostname' -C 'CN=admin,OU=NIFI' -o 
  *   Copied nifi.propeties, keystore & trustore jks file under nifi/conf folder
  *   Updated authorizers.xml with


  *   Then restarted NiFi

I was getting error like ‘No applicable policies could be found. Contact the 
system administrator.’

Then I just restarted the nifi again, then the error went. I am seeing this 
behaviour everytime when I delete existing users.xml & authorizers.xml & 
restarting NiFi ☹.

Is it NiFi default behaviour? Please help me in resolving this issue.

Thanks & Regards,
Prashanth V

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