It's me again regarding my mergerecord question.

I still don't manage to have what I want, I may have understand how bin based 
processor works, it's for clarification and a question regarding performance.

I want to merge a huge number of 300 octets flowfiles in 128 MB parquet file. 

My understanding is, for mergerecord to be able to create a bin with 128MB of 
data, these data must be in queue. We can't feed the bin "one flow at a time", 
so working with small flowfiles, I have to set the backpressure parameter to 
something really high, or remove completely the number of flowfile backpressure 

I understood by reading 
 that it's not the "good" way to do, but I should cascade multiple merge to 
"slowly" make the flowfile bigger?

I've made some test with a single level but I hit the "provenance recording 
rate". Will multiple level help?

Thanks for any help.


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