Hi Mike,

I am retrieving many small csv files each of size 1MB (total folder size around 
~100GB). In update step, I am doing some enrichment on ingress csv. Anyway my 
flow doesn’t do anything with the stop the world time right?

Can you please tell me about flowfile checkpointing related tunings?

Thanks & Regards,

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What are you retrieving (particularly size) and what happens in the "update" 



On Wed, Jun 13, 2018 at 4:10 AM V, Prashanth (Nokia - IN/Bangalore) 
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Hi Team,

I am doing some performance testing in NiFi. WorkFlow is GetSFTP -> update -> 
PutKafka. I want to tune my setup to achieve high throughput without much 
But my throughput average drops during flowfile checkpointing duration. I 
believe stop-the-world  is happening during that time.

I can roughly read ~100MB/s from SFTP and send almost same to Kafka. But every 
2 mins, it stops the complete execution. Check below logs

2018-06-13 13:24:21,160 INFO [pool-10-thread-1] 
o.a.n.c.r.WriteAheadFlowFileRepository Initiating checkpoint of FlowFile 
2018-06-13 13:24:49,420 INFO [Write-Ahead Local State Provider Maintenance] 
 checkpointed with 23 Records and 0 Swap Files in 39353 milliseconds 
(Stop-the-world time = 3 milliseconds, Clear Edit Logs time = 3 millis), max 
Transaction ID 68
2018-06-13 13:25:00,165 INFO [pool-10-thread-1] 
o.a.n.wali.SequentialAccessWriteAheadLog Checkpointed Write-Ahead Log with 7 
Records and 0 Swap Files in 39002 milliseconds (Stop-the-world time = 28275 
milliseconds), max Transaction ID 316705
2018-06-13 13:25:00,169 INFO [pool-10-thread-1] 
o.a.n.c.r.WriteAheadFlowFileRepository Successfully checkpointed FlowFile 
Repository with 7 records in 39008 milliseconds

I think all processor goes in idle state for 39 seconds ☹ .. Please guide how 
to tune it..
I changed the heap memory with 32G [I am testing on 12 core, 48G machine]. I 
disabled content-repository archiving. All other properties remains same.

Thanks & Regards,

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