What do you have set for the "Maximum number of Bins" property of MergeContent?
Each 'zip bundle' will have all of the FlowFiles added to the same bucket.
So if you have more 'zip bundles' coming in than you have available buckets,
it will evict one of the bins before all of its FlowFiles have arrived. I 
suspect this
is your issue. If so, you can probably increase the number of available bins to
take care of this.


From: Kiran []
Sent: Tuesday, July 10, 2018 2:36 PM
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Subject: [EXT] Adding a file to a zip file


I've got a requirement to add a JSON file to an existing zip file.

I'm doing this by:

  1.  Unpacking the ZIP file
  2.  Increment the fragment.index and fragment.count of the original files
  3.  Create the JSON file and set the fragment.index to 1 and set the 
  4.  Merge the contents of the files to create the resulting ZIP file

I've attached an image of the data flow and the settings for the MergeContent 

When I process the ZIP files one by one this works fine but when I process the 
ZIP files in bulk some work and others fail the MergeContent processor. I'm 
guessing that it's to do with the settings of the MergeContent processor. Can 
anyone provide me with insight on what I'm doing wrong here?



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