Hi there.

I'm quite new working with openlayers.
I spent the last couple of days working on something and it is driving me
nuts. :)
I want to visualize realtime data from a database as a track.
To do this I am constantly (every 5 seconds) reading data from the DB as
LINESTRING(), and parse it using "OpenLayers.Layer.GML()" and "format:
This does work, but what i do now is I remove the "old" layer and the
create a new layer with updated data the way described above.
This a) leads to a flicker and b) produces more overhead than necessary.
I would like to rather add new data to the existing layer gradually.
I tried to only retrieve data from the DB that changed after the last
request parse it as a feature and add it to the layer using .addFeatures(),
but I did not succeed.
Is there any example page that deals with this? I searched the web, the
OL-website and the OL-example-page without success.
Please help,

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