On 20/09/2016 Rory wrote:

> You need to use a different page style every time the page header changes.  
> Details are given in this tutorial

Whether or not a new page style is needed for each even page, depends
upon the source of the headers.  If it were, say, chapter headings, then
only two page styles are needed --- LeftPage and RightPage.

If every even page needs its custom, non-sourceable header, then a page
style for each page _might_ be needed. This is doable, but extremely
tricky. Anybody going this route needs to think long and hard about why
each page needs a custom, non-sourceable header, before tackling it.

If one is experienced at constructing page styles, it will take between
10 and 20 attempts, to get the pages to flow correctly. If one is not
experienced with creating page styles, then budget at least 500
attempts, to get the pages to look the way they should, and flow
smoothly into each other. IOW, this is not for the feint-hearted.


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