Thank you, Brian. As is the usual case, your concise hints are extremely 
helpful.  Yes, my issue was in regard to the Y-axis scaling. 

I hope you have a successful trip. 


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> On Sep 20, 2016, at 20:28, Brian Barker <> wrote:
> At 15:31 20/09/2016 -0400, Vince Bonly wrote:
>> I am working with a line graph chart in Calc that presently shows "180.00" 
>> as the top limit and "0.00" as the low limit. I vaguely recall that there is 
>> a way to adjust those limits, but I have not been able to locate the 
>> edit-dialog. I want high limit to be "250" and low limit to be "100" and 
>> increments of 5.
> You are talking about the y-axis, I trust - not the x-axis?
> o Double-click the chart, so that it shows its grey border (not the eight 
> coloured handles).
> o Right-click the y-axis and go to Format Axis... (or go to Format | Axis > | 
> y-axis...).
> o On the Scale tab, remove the ticks from Automatic as necessary and modify 
> the Minimum, Maximum, and "Major interval" values.
> Note that the labels will follow the grid you have defined only if their font 
> size is small enough to permit this. You can adjust this on the Font tab of 
> the same dialogue.
> I trust this helps.
> Brian Barker
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