The .wps file was produced by Microsoft Works, and to my knowledge, only Works 
will open it. If you can find a copy somewhere, open it and save as .txt or 
.rtf in order to be able to save the content. The formatting will be mostly 
lost, but you’ll have the content that can be opened by AOO; then you can 
reformat it if desired.


> On Sep 21, 2016, at 9:15 AM, wrote:
> Don't seem to have a problem opening spreadsheets from win XP.
> Have not been able to open wordprocessing docs...XP doc has .wps and after 
> copying to flash drive and trying to open on laptop the .wps changes to 
> Window Media Player and doc will not open.
> Am I not following the right path?
> <,201106231034,1125,1,2098060385854244917&rui=161573353&app_test_id=0&sd=20160921>

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