On 10/14/2016 10:19 AM, vbrophy wrote:
> Hi.  Just downloaded apache office 4.1.3.  Need to email documents, and it 
> said email is not set up.  Sorry, but don’t know what I am doing!  Would 
> appreciate help.  And if u can, please walk me thru it very slowly.  Kids 
> just hooked up new desktop for me too.  THANK U!!!        Ginny Brophy
> Sent from Mail for Windows 10

First off, you need an email program.  Many people use Thunderbird. 
Then you have to set it as the default email app.  You do this by
clicking on Start button > Control Panel > Default Programs > Set your
default programs and then Thunderbird.  Click on Set this program as
default.  Thunderbird should now be available for sending documents.


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