Just because i was curious, I went to the openoffice.org web site and
downloaded 4.1.3 directly, without using the "updates" drop down within OO

Note that I used the openoffice.org web site and did not use Sourceforge.

Download and install under Windoze 10 went quickly and without any apparent
hitches.  Reads all my old documents created in each of 4.1.3; 4.1.2; 4.1.1
and 3.x.x

On Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 5:54 PM, Fred Brown <brown2...@juno.com> wrote:

> I cannot download this upgrade because I keep getting an invalid
> certificate message.   I try to accept the certificate but get blocked
> anyway as shown below.  Would you update your certificate or give me a
> mirror site to use?   Thanks.
> Fred Brown
> <https://www.opendns.com>
> This domain is blocked due to content filtering.
> If you think this shouldn't be blocked, please contact your network
> administrator
> <https://block.opendns.com/main?url=8480868368707180837270157970851681838075706885841680817079807171746870808372157874838380831671747770841621151815201667747966837470841670791454521634816668737064488170794871717468706421151815206456747964892523647479848566777764707914545215708970166980887977806669&server=sea16&prefs=&tagging=&nref=#>.
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> IP Address:

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