James,I appreciate your timely and factual response. My displaced anger is 
somewhat under control, you helped in this area. You made me see the light of 
reality.  I will keep the MacPro.Purchased a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, just 
before their new fire bombs came out. Lucky! I thoroughly enjoy using this well 
engineered product. My private/Cd songs to not get dumped. Thanks again!!!!Jim 

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Open Office Apache program 
The problem you encountered was with Gatekeeper. It prevents you from running 
software obtained from sources that Apple doesn’t know about, hence they’re 
judged to be untrustworthy. 

So to get AOO to launch, open System Preferences, and select Security & 
Privacy. Under the General tab, you’ll see in the bottom half of the window 
“Allow apps downloaded from:” with the choices being “App Store” and “App Store 
and identified developers.” 

Underneath that choice, you should see a notice to the effect that Gatekeeper 
blocked AOO from opening, and gives you a button labeled “Open Anyway.”

But before you can click that button, go to the lower left corner and click the 
little lock icon, then enter your administrator’s password. You can now make 
changes to the system. Click the “Open Anyway” button. AOO will launch. 

You can sell all your Mac stuff if you want, but you’ll be shooting yourself in 
the foot if you do. Most problems have solutions. Many solutions require a 
limited amount of work and/or study. If you go with Windows stuff, you’ll have 
a lot of problems, but there are lots of people who’ll give you solutions. You 
will come to know them well. If you go with Linux, you’ll have to do a lot more 
studying, and learn some new cuss words. But it works, and it’s not Apple.

Good luck to you.  BTW, what are you asking for the new Mac Pro?


> On Oct 14, 2016, at 10:27 PM, Jim Driscoll <jimdriscol...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear Sir,
> I have a new Apple Mac Pro computer. I previously had to get special 
> permission from Apple to open your old Open Office program. I made a 
> permanent change to my Apple computer to access other down loaded programs.
> Now Apple in their updates has changed my computer back to no new programs 
> unless approved by Apple. 
> I downloaded your new Open Office Apache updated program and you made it seem 
> so simple, like Apple would give me no problems. Apple again shut your 
> program down. Now I have no access to my documents. 
> I need help. This time Apple will not help. 
> Any recommendations on computers because I am selling all my Apple iPhones, 
> my 2 MacPros and various other Apple devices. Apple dumped 236 of my CD 
> downloaded songs in a transfer from iPhone 5 to iPhone 6s. They did this 
> transfer at the store with no backup. So it was Apples software that dumped 
> the songs. Apple can now be described as Sub Rosa Crooks.
> Jim Driscoll
> jimdriscol...@gmail.com
> 971-678-1905
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