At 12:24 16/10/2016 -0400, Vince Bonly wrote:
I am attempting to paste a portion of a AOO 4.1.2 Calc sheet with Formulae displayed into Thunderbird 45.4.0 compose window on WIN10x64 machine. My ISP is Verizon. Seems that I am not able to show the formulae, which is what I want to discuss, into the email compose window; only the results of the existing formulae can be pasted.

Two suggestions:

o Paste plain text. If Thunderbird has a facility to paste unformatted text only, I think that should work. If not, consider staging the copy via a plain text editor or even via an OpenOffice text (Writer) document, using Paste Special and "Unformatted text" to paste there. Values will be separated by tab characters, so you will need to set tabs to space your columns out appropriately.

o Save the sheet as CSV (as has been suggested).
o Reopen the CSV file in Calc.
o In the Text Import window, select appropriate columns and change "Column type" from Standard to Text. o You now have a new spreadsheet with just the appearance of your original one with formulae viewed.
o Copy and paste from that.

I trust this helps.

Brian Barker

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