Catalan Bird Tours wrote:
> Hi all
> After using the word processing component of OO for some time without
> issue, I'm now re-trying to use the DATABASE component.  Although I now
> have Sierra on my Macbook, this function has never worked on other OS
> versions either.
> After saving my new database file on the desk top I get this message which
> I don't understand at all:
> "Open Office requires a JAVA runtime envionment (JRE) to run this task. The
> selected JRE is defective.  Please select another version or install a new
> JRE and select it under TOOLS - OPTIONS - OPEN OFFICE - JAVA."
> There are no OPTIONS under TOOLS on the top menu of OO.
> I have installed the latest JAVA (update 101).
> I'd be grateful to anyone who can help me get the database function working
> or, perhaps, direct me to another free or cheap database software for Mac
> (Sierra).
> Stephen Christopher

This is an Known Issue with Oracle Java on OS X systems without the
legacy Apple Java 6 installed. The work around until the Oracle Java bug
is fixed is to install the legacy Apple Java from the following

It is also documented in the Release Notes for Apache OpenOffice 4.1.3
and for version 4.1.2 at


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