On 01.12.2016 03:16, antarcticaskies wrote:
> Hi, there
> I just opened up one of my Wordpad documents,and found that it had
> been converted into an OpenOffice document. This surprised me. What
> surprises me even more, is that all myWordpad documents have been
> converted intoOpen Office documents. How did this happen? My PC had
> been automatically turned off, althoughI had put it to sleeping mode
> when I last left it. I am wondering what is going on. Did Wordpad
> andOpen Office make any agreement about this, sothere is an automatic
> conversion into Open Office,or something? How should I react to
> this? Thanks for enlightening me!
> Best regards
> Amber

You appear to be misinterpreting what is happening.
Your documents have not been "converted", they are still in their
original file format. Your operating system (Windows), for some? reason,
has changed the "association" of the default program to use to open that
original file format.

One possible reason for this change of file type association could be
that you have recently updated Apache OpenOffice and accepted the
offered installation option to associate MS files with this program.

If you want to return the default to the more limited features of
Wordpad, use Martin's suggestion: "To restore your default open your
Control Panel and select Default Programs".


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