It doesn't look like your posting was answered.  If not, this may help.

You can put downloaded templates anywhere you want. However, you must "Import" the template for it to be listed in the templates list. This is done by choosing File -> Templates -> Organize and in the dialog that appears, select (double-click) your template folder, probably "My Templates" or whichever folder you want in the left list panel. Then under "Commands", there should be an Import Template option. Select that and a file selection dialog should appear. Search for your new template and select it, then "Open". Your new template should then appear in the list of templates (i.e.: New -> Templates and Documents).

I am not sure if you can delete the downloaded template file after it is imported. I suspect you can, but I am not sure. I have never tested it.


Girvin Herr

On 11/29/2016 07:08 PM, Mike Lacroix wrote:
  Hi I downloaded a template and was wondering what folder I am suppose to 
extract the files to.  There are no instructions and I am a little confused.  I 
am new to this so please be gentle. lol

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