Hi Regina,

Was able to extract the jar from the cab file. My bad regarding OpenOffice 
version 5. This seems to have solved our problem. Thank you so much.


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Hi Edwin,

Edwin Samuel Jonathan schrieb:
> Hi,
> I am from the ColdFusion team in Adobe. We are using OOSDK in our product. 
> For some reason, unoloader.jar seems to have never been added from our side. 
> And we never had an issue with it. After upgrading from Tomcat 8.0.x to 
> 8.5.11, we are getting a Jar not found error in our logs. After doing some 
> research, I found that ridl.jar had a dependency on unoloader.jar. The 
> version of OOSDK which we are currently using is 3.3.0. I found the 
> unoloader.jar online but only from version 5.x onwards. If we add the JAR to 
> our project, it seems to be working fine. Could you confirm if 
> Unoloader-5.2.0.jar is compatible with other jars of version 3.3.0? Or if it 
> is not, is it possible to get the unoloader-3.3.0.jar anywhere?

In an Apache OpenOffice 3.4.1 the file unoloader.jar is located in the folder 
URE in the installation folder. In Apache OpenOffice 4.1 it is located in 
program/classes in the installation folder. You should be able to extract it 
from the *.cab file, in case you have not installed an Apache OpenOffice.

There does not exist an Apache OpenOffice version 5.

Kind regards

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