Today I was having issues opening documents and such, when I would open them 
and click on a tab in the document Open office would "crash". And it continued 
to do it. The version I had was 4.1.1. It was the first time I've ever had this 
issue. So I did an update to 4.1.3. When I tried to install it, it installed 
4.1.2. I did the set up wizard 3 times....It installed, I got the desktop 
shortcut the whole bit...I tried to open a document and it popped up asking me 
if I wanted to allow this app to make changes to my computer, so I checked 
yes...and it comes up with the install wizard....3 times it did this....why 
will it not open my documents??? I'm getting very frustrated with this. I work 
from home and I use my computer and I open alot of documents and as of now, I 
cannot open a document....Please advise...Thanks. 

Tina Hutto

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