On 20/02/18 7:35 AM, Maxine Lovelace wrote:
Hello Technical Support

I down load a template from your website for a "general resume". I tried to 
delete the file from my computer,

What is the "your website"  you downloaded it from? There is no "general resume" on the Extension site.

and it won't let me.  When I click on the file option to delete; a window open asking me "are 
you sure you want to delete"; but there is no where to answer "yes" (ie...no reply 

How did you try to delete this file? From within OpenOffice or from the Operating System?

  I down loaded this file on: 2/19/2018; at 3:pm est...the file name is 

Unbelievable that any OpenOffice user will name the file wordmstemplate as wordmstemplate.com is a site where you can download MicroSofty documents.

I thank you in advance for you help.


Maxine Lovelace

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