On 02/22/2018 10:49 PM, Jordan Wright wrote:

>guide for recovering damaged OpenOffice files from the official guide 

Do you have an _undamaged_ copy of the file?
Either something in /user/backups/ or, preferably, something that was
either ">save as "filename.datestamp",
or copied to another medium, from where you saved the file?

> What I am struggling to understand is what step 6 is referring to when it 
> talks about “contents.xml” and how I may go about retrieving it.

An odt file is a zip archive, that contains around half a dozen files.
contents.xml is the file that contains the content - the stuff that was

> Also, am I correct to assume that the “directory” in Step 2 can be as simple 
> as creating a folder on a desktop?



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