did you try to repair openoffice via its installer file or control panel?
in which version, did you see this problem?
i tested openoffice versions 4.1.0 until 4.1.3 and did not have this problem.
i did not test new versions of openoffice until now!
hope that repairing program help to resolve your issue and God bless all!

On 2/23/18, Stuart Berger <stu.ber...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I have used Open Office Impress for years happily.  Recently the program
> suddenly closes with no apparent reason and this occurs repeatedly after a
> short time after it is openned.  I have reloaded the program with the
> latest version and am still having the same problem.  I am running up to
> date Windows 10 version 1709.
> Please help me fix the problem.  I do not have this problem with Libre
> Office Impress, but so not like its interface and would like to be able to
> use Open Office again.
> Thank you for your assistance,
> Stuart Berger

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