Most of the acronyms that fill the page
describing the availability of extensions
-- no, ALL of them -- are a foreign language
to me.

I've been using -- gratefully -- openoffice for
a couple of years, and what was at the start an
inconvenience has now become a "deal breaker."
I guess I have to go back to MS.

The main feature missing has always been an
extension that allows users to "save to" or "write to"
a different disc or a flash drive. Sometimes I don't
want to store things on my hard drive and other
times I want to be able to bring a digital copy of
something to a meeting.

I hoped this reference to things like "e-book extensions"
might in some way relate to this.  I assume what I seek
is still not available; is there ANY plan to develop this
capability for openoffice in the near future?



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