No you will not lose your files and you will be able to access your old
files.  If you are really worried that you will you could back them up
temporarily to a USB stick.

You have not said what your operating system is.  If it is Win10, have a
look at "Start" -  "Settings" - "System" and under "Display" make sure
that the "Change the size of text, apps and other items" is set to the
recommended 150% or greater.

John van Barneveld

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Good morning,

I love open office and have used it for many years. My question is if I
download the newest version will it erase all of my saved files? And
can I access the current files I have on this newer version and from my
old computer.

Next for some reason I hit something and my window screen and font is
very small, even with the settings I have for my font. I have searched
for a long time for the answers, the saved ones view ok but it is when
I want to create a new text document.  Seems ok in spreadsheet. I sent
an attachment. Please help as I had to print out papers to the Dr using
my email and printing it off.

Thanks, looking forward to wondering what I hit. Since my stroke my
left hand doesn't function as well as it should at times.


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