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On 06/04/18 9:05 AM, Khalif Foster wrote:
Can ya make it more exactly so tiny combine horizon and vertical that is 90 
degree is beyond human vision and look exactly outline from two object 
interact. So, when there is a circle with a square or square with a square to 
interact, there is a tiny gap to see. Circle has a tiny gap that over lap from 
circle curve thru the object because it is still within 1 mm or 2 mm, but not 
beyond that is 0 mm or 2000 um or so, can make it so beyond human can see as a 
whole and individual, when you see tiny individual, then you see the whole that 
is block, overlap or so. Because the curve of circle with has 90 degree that is 
tiny, and I can see a tiny square at normal level, so it is equal to 1 mm size. 
So, I know 1 mm is standard ruler, but for standing drawing and exactly 
interact, it should be beyond 0 mm that it is imperceptive. That is 2000 um or 
3000 um, that is equal to curve of circle, you don't see 90 degree on circle 
because it is imperceptive but it doesn't means it doesn't exist, but so small. 
So, that means it is 1 mm overlap of diameter, if it is radius, then half of 
diameter is overlap that is 1 mm.

Can add half circle, and half square. You have ellipse, rectangle, circle, 
square, and all of them 4 with rounded, so can half of that. Half of rectangle 
is square, same with ellipse. So, can ya add one more stretch circle? You have 
circle that stretch that is even two curve, but horizon do not stay the same, 
it narrows, so can make it so horizon will not narrow but remain the same. 
Ellipse is narrow horizon for both size. Oval is narrow curve for one side, but 
don't have two curve that is same and two horizon that is same and can be 
stretch. So, it is a square within a circle. One thing that is important to 
combine square and circle as one whole. At least one diameter of square that is 
top is even as it stretch to different distance forward to bottom. Well, it is 
not circle and square as one whole because it overlaps, so it is one half 
circle and one square as as one whole. Can add two drawing that is combine of 
two, half square with half curve, but stretch. So, basically half square and 
half circle, one more stretch of circle, and combine of half both square and 

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