At 16:57 10/04/2018 -0500, Norman Adams wrote:
When I export an odg file as a jpeg my media player does not recognize it. Am I doing something wrong?


What do you mean by saying that your media player "does not recognize it"? Do you genuinely mean that your media player starts and attempts to open it and gives you an error message? (If so, I wonder why you have censored this.) Are you, that is, attempting to open the file from within your media player? If so, perhaps your (anonymous) media player does not handle JPEG files.

Or do you mean that you simply double-click the resulting file outside your media player and are thus relying on your operating system - not on any application - to know what your preferred application is for this purpose? If so, it may be that the appropriate "association" does not exist in your operating system. You have also kept your operating system a secret, but you appear to be using a Mac. You can set or change associations between file types and default applications very easily; see, for example: .

There are two particular problems I can think that you may be having:

o In the OpenOffice Export dialogue, when you select "JPEG", the default extension given to your file appears to be ".jpg". Is your operating system expecting ".jpeg" instead? If so, you can either edit the text in the "File name" box to create the required extension or else teach your operating system to understand ".jpg" as well - as above.

o In the Export dialogue - as also in OpenOffice's Save As dialogues - there is an "Automatic file name extension" tick box. If this has become unticked, your exported file will have no extension to its name, and this may (I cannot speak authoritatively about Macs!) prevent your operating system understanding its type. If you tick this box again, your choice should stick.

I trust this helps.

Brian Barker

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