Open OpenOffice
Go to the top bar on your screen
Click on File & hold your finger down
Scroll down to second item which is Open...
This will open an Open window
On the second bar just below the title Open you will see three icons on the 
right hand side.
Click on the first icon, a tiny file folder with an even smaller green & red 
This will open a /Users window probably with you name as user after the slash
In the window under this you will see Desktop
I’m not going to list all these as yours may be different
Double click on Documents to open that folder
Scroll down to find you document
Double click on your document to open 

If you can’t find your document go back to the the folder icon on the top right 
with the little green & red arrow & click again to return to the /Users/
Then click on another folder. 

Work your way through the possible choices Your file might also be in Desktop 
or where ever you automatically save your documents. 

You can also go to the bottom of the window  to File name
Enter the name of your document and click on open on the far right

You can further refine you search at the bottom of the /Users/ window with 
version:  and File type.
  I recommend you leave that at the default, All files( can’t duplicate the 
other symbols on my phone)

Good luck!

> On Apr 10, 2018, at 2:51 PM, Tony Guidotti <> wrote:
> How can documents be found that have been removed from the open files
> dropdown list

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