This is an OTF font that requires special handling. According to the usage notes (notice d’utilisation) on the provider's Web site, the font is compatible with LibreOffice version 5.3 and higher. According to the FAQ, 'OpenOffice does not handle contextual variants ... On the other hand, LibreOffice does handle them' (dated 2017 Nov 10, my translation). So the solution seems to be to use LibreOffice, unless OpenOffice has gained this ability since last November.

- Robert

On Sat, 14 Apr 2018, Luz Tulipe wrote:


I would like tu buy a typeface (font) called "Police Cursive Dumont
Maternelle" and that we can choose in this page :
I'm a teacher and I can't work without this typeface.

The problem is that we can't use it with open office.

Could you please solve this problem ?

Thanks a lot,

Mme Bruguerolle

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