"...file does not exist..." can happen when a file's location changes (so
the file still exists) but the "recent files" entry in the menu is pointing
to the last place the file was. So, the exact file name, including the
path, referred to in the menu doesn't exist any more.

The message can also happen if the file's name is changed but the file is
still in the same place. Again, from the point of view of the "recent
files" entry, that exact file name doesn't exist.

Did you change the name of the file?

Did you change the location of the file?

If you did either of the above then you must use the File > Open command
from the menu and pick out the renamed or relocated file.

If you didn't do either then my final suggestion would be to search the
hard drive of your pc for the file. Presuming you're using Windows 7 or
later do the following:

Open powershell and enter the following commands...
cd \
get-childitem -filter "yourfilename" -force -recurse -erroraction
silentlycontinue | select-object FullName

When the command completes there will either be an empty line (file was not
found) or the path and name of the file, e.g.

On Mon, Apr 15, 2019 at 11:18 AM Michael Pettit
<mlpett2...@yahoo.com.invalid> wrote:

> I have been writing  a book on OpenOffice for several weeks and saving all
> work as I went.  Yesterday I attempted to resume work and taskbar icon was
> gone.  I reopened it and attempted to open recent work.  I got a message
> saying file does not exist.  Multiple attempts to find "mybook" were
> unsuccessful.  Any way I can recover this?  Thanks.

Alan Boba
CISSP, CCENT, ITIL v3 Foundations 2011

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