At 06:27 18/04/2019 -0400, Alan Boba wrote:
On Wed, Apr 17, 2019 at 12:46 PM John Noname wrote:
When I backup my spreadsheets they get noted as unlicensed Excel files. As a consequence I cannot open these files for restoration. I do not have Microsoft Office installed on my computer.

Not certain I'm understanding your question so I will answer similar question and hope it is what you mean.

I use OpenOffice Calc and save my spreadsheets. The saved files appear to be Excel files. I don't have Excel. Why are the files for a program I do not have?

If the above describes your issue then the "problem" is the files are saved in Excel format instead of Calc format.

Note that this may not necessarily be so. Recent versions of Microsoft Office can handle document files in (Microsoft's version of?) Open Document Formats - such as .ods for spreadsheets. The questioner may be saving as .ods and still seeing file icons showing association with Microsoft Excel.

As far as I am aware the file that is created is not licensed, it is the program (Excel, Calc, etc.) that is licensed.

Indeed so. But the questioner appears to be using Windows 10 and may have had either a temporary or vestigial version of Microsoft Office bundled with his system. If the .ods format is still associated with Microsoft Excel (or if a Windows update has perhaps re-associated it) and he double-clicks an .ods file, he will see this remnant of Excel explaining that he "must" purchase a licence for Excel if he wishes to use it.

Brian Barker

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