Hi all!

Firstly I’ve been getting the emails and following the questions and answers 
and really appreciate the work done by the community. Have learnt a lot by just 
reading the digest everyday. Sadly I’m not really knowledgeable enough to 
participate much, actually once, a Mac problem more than OO

My question today is can I do anything to stop my fairly simple spreadsheets 
from not accepting changes when I save as with a new title or when I save them 
in Excel.  I always save a changed document with the current date added to the 

I only discovered this in the last week with our accountant. She would get 
gobble gook when she opened my spreadsheets. 

I resolved the issue by using another macbookpro, same in all respects but with 
Microsoft Excel 

It was still a lot of work to move everything over and check line by line. But 
I learnt a lot.
I am using a MacBookPro (27-inch,early 2009 with IS X Yosemite

2.66 GHz intel Core Duo
4GB 1067 MH z DFR3

W/ Apache OpenOffice 4.1.1

This was installed in 2009 by my techie and has have no problems until very 

I know my equipment is old but hesitate to replace until I can work out the 
issue as I love Mac products for there low electrical field and don’t want to 
switch to something else. If I have to I’d appreciate any recommendations. 

My techie suggests switching to custom build w/ ubantu

Any and all advice would be appreciated. I only get the digest so won’t be 
replying in a timely manner

Thanks in advance


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