Without complete information, there are several options:

1) bottom right right click on button to adjust zoom percentage or use slider

2) bottom right just to the left of zoom slider on word processor document 
click on number of pages displayed

3) in view menu at top select option you wish to change 

If this doesn’t fix your problem please supply us with operating system (OS) 
you’re using, version of OS, version of OpenOffice you’re using, what type of 
document you’re having problem with and with a description of what you’re 
seeing (one page shrunk down that appears to have tiny font, one page giant 
size with appearance of big font, two pages side by side, etc).

Please reply to: users@openoffice.apache.org so that other users can help you.

> On Apr 30, 2019, at 12:18 PM, mj.mcgrath <mj.mcgr...@virginmedia.com.invalid> 
> wrote:
> Dear Sir/MadamI would be grateful if you could help me on how to resize the 
> page as it has multiplied in size.My email address: 
> MJ.McGrath@Virginmedia.comTel Number: 07982 616096
> I look for ward to hearing from you at some time soon.
> Warmest regardsMichael J McGrath
> Sent from my Samsung device

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