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On 2023/12/23 23:50:32 David wrote:
> Originally posted by in a different context.
> > I'm not the original poster for this subject and I apologize if I'm
> > doing this wrong.
> >
> > I Have Open Office 4.1.14 and I'm having problems following the directions 
> > below. Might be I am trying to do this starting from the wrong place. I 
> > have a file "addresses.ods" where I have saved about 70+ addresses. I was 
> > hoping that I could use this file to print out address labels in the Avery 
> > 8160 format.
> >
> > First question might be is it possible to print these out using an ODS file?
> >
> > Years ago I used Excell to keep service records at the heavy equipment shop 
> > where I worked and had pretty good luck doing that and putting formulas in 
> > to flag when something was due for service.
> Yes, you are doing it wrong; proper way would be to start a new topic.
> I've done that for you.
> See
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