Snapafun wrote:
Sorry. May have done this twice not recognizing 1st attempt was to user_subscribe list.....
Guess I'm missing something here.
In sheets I've formatted my efforts into A5 Landscape and can print that out fine (albeit as top of A4 sheet) So to get two copies onto the single sheet I copied and pasted the cell directly under the top page boundaries as recognised.
Tidied things up to equal the two pages to be alike. Again no problem.
Go to Print Preview (Using all three options) and the pasted cells are not seen????
Even printed out and in case I wasn't 'getting' it. Only page 1 printed.
Checking back from preview and do not see page limits recognised for the copied page???
What am I missing?
(Work saved multiple times in xls and ods format. Page 2 still not seen in printer previews?)

It seems you  are talking about a spreadsheet. Perhaps you have applied a print range which doesn't include the additional copied material. See Format | Print Ranges | Edit

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