This may or may not help, as I am running OpenOffice on a Linux machine; 
however, I did have that same problem. 

First thing for me was to make sure that I had purged my system of any 
competing application (notably, LibreOffice). I am uncertain how to go about 
this on your machine, as I haven't used other systems in a very long time. 

Also, it might not matter so much with a different system. Most Linux systems 
install LibreOffice by default, and moreover keep trying to uninstall 
OpenOffice and to install LibreOffice instead. So that part may or may not 
apply to your situation, but it's worth considering. 

Second is the actual trick that I used to get OpenOffice to run without 
crashing. After trying to start OpenOffice by clicking to open, and by trying 
to open various office documents with OpenOffice, it occurred to me to try a 
plain text document (that is, with the extension .txt). 

I just clicked on the plain text document, and used the "open with" dialog, 
then chose OpenOffice, and bingo! it worked. It's been running without a 
hitch ever since. 


On Thursday 15 February 2024 02:16:51 Newforce Pty Ltd wrote:
> Dear Users,
> I have a Windows 11 computer and I have installed then uninstalled and
> reinstalled Open Office 4.1.15 suite.
> Any of my Open Office applications always crash immediately upon starting,
> every time. I then get the notice to allow it to either 'wait for the
> programme to respond' or 'close the programme'.
> I always choose to 'close the programme' . It then sends a crash report to
> Microsoft (but I never get anything from them).
> Then, if I open the Open Office application immediately, it comes good
> straight away with full functionality.
> How do I fix this issue ?
> Yours faithfully,
> Mr G Douglas

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