Dear Holger,

Could you send me the full configuration and all the logs at level 3?

Best regards


On 18/09/16 00:21, Holger Zuleger wrote:
Hi Albert,

We have fixed the error you found. You can find the downloads here
Thank you very much for the fix.

<>. Please, let
me know if it works properly now.
Sorry for the delay, I had some difficulties to install the new pkg. (To
be honest, I didn't saved the oor config before installing the new pkg.)

Seems that it works like a charm now. No crash seen so far... But...

Actually I'm running in a different problem. I can't send any (IPv6)
packets out. The debug message says:

[2016/9/17 23:5:5] DEBUG-3: Destination 2a02:2e0:3fe:1001:7777:772e:2:85
has a NEGATIVE mapping!
[2016/9/17 23:5:5] DEBUG-3: Forwarding packet to PeTR
[2016/9/17 23:5:5] DEBUG-3: fb_get_fw_entry: No DST locators available
[2016/9/17 23:5:5] DEBUG-3: tr_get_fwd_entry: No PETR compatible with
local locators afi
[2016/9/17 23:5:5] DEBUG-3: ttable_insert: Inserted tupla: Src_addr:
2a03:3e00:ff01:1:8ccc:8bf0:6510:3ef4, Dst addr: 2a02:2e0:3fe:1001:7
777:772e:2:85, Proto: 58, Src Port: 0, Dst Port: 0

[2016/9/17 23:5:5] DEBUG-3: Forwarding native to destination
[2016/9/17 23:5:5] DEBUG-2: tun_forward_native: No output interface for
afi 10

I have no native IPv6 on the box, so the traffic has to be send to a
PeTR, which is configured (see below).

But the next message confuses me: "No PETR compatible with local locator
afi"? I guess it means that the PeTR address family is different to the
address family of the rloc address. But this is not the case.

I have

config 'rloc-iface'
         option   'name'                 'pppwan'
         option   'interface'            'pppoe-wan'
         option   'ip_version'           '4'
         option   'priority'             '1'
         option   'weight'               '5'

config 'proxy-etr'
         option   'address'              ''
         option   'priority'             '1'
         option   'weight'               '100'


Any idea what’s wrong with it?

Many thanks for your help

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