Hi Albert,

thanks again for the fast feedback.
> In your configuration you have rloc-probing enabled. The xTR node is
Maybe this is the parameter I've not configured before the upgrade to
the new oor version.
> sending probe messaged to the PeTR node but it doesn't receive any reply
> and after three retries it sets the RLOC of the PeTR to not reachable.
Ok, makes sense. Sorry this is something I could/should have found out

> In that moment you can not forward traffic to the PeTR.  Why do you have
> configured the same IP for Map Server, Map Resolver and PeTR/PiTR?
Because I have only one Cisco router for my tests, providing all this
services on one box.

> Notice that we don't have implemented yet the PeTR/PiTR functionality.
Yes that's clear. The PeTR is a Cisco router.
> If you are using OOR as a Map Server, when it receive the probe messages
> he drops the packet as it should not receive this class of messages.
Again this is on a Cisco router. But then I have to check why this box
does not respond to the probe messages...

I will test the proposed config change later today and give you a
feedback if it was successful.

Many thanks for your help.


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