Hi David,
You can also check the libvirt log.
Please send me the vdsm and libvirt logs so I can look at it too.

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> From: "David Wilson" <d...@dcdata.co.za>
> To: "Dan Kenigsberg" <dan...@redhat.com>
> Cc: "Yeela Kaplan" <ykap...@redhat.com>, users@ovirt.org
> Sent: Monday, December 3, 2012 5:51:26 PM
> Subject: Re: [Users] VM has paused due to unknown storage error
> Hi everyone,
> Thank you for your responses.
> Yeela:
> >When oVirt started the vm it mounted the corrupt disk image that
> >seemed fine, but it couldn't find the OS because of the corrupted
> >fs, and the error caused it to pause the guest.
> To clear things up it was the /var mount that had the corrupted
> filesystem, not the guest's root filesystem.
> oVirt still continued to pause the guest even when I had booted the
> guest off a CentOS DVD ISO, run rescue mode and manually activated
> the /var logical volume. In this case I did not activate or mount
> the guests root filesystem and only activated the guests /var
> filesystem so that I could fsck it. fsck would run for around 5-10
> minutes with the message "Deleting orphaned inode......" and then
> oVirt would simply pause the entire guest.
> The only information I could find was on the physical host's
> vdsm.log, which specified the following:
> libvirtEventLoop:: INFO::2012-12-02
> 09:05:50,296::libvirtvm::1965::vm.Vm::(_onAbnormalStop)
> vmId=`23b9212c-1e25-4003-aa18-b1e819bf6bb1`::abnormal vm stop device
> ide0-0-1 error eother
> Perh aps there was another log I should have examined to see if more
> i nforma tion was provided about wh y oVirt was pausing the guest?
> Shu:
> This is what I did to dd the images off, and to work around the
> problem :
> 1.) O n the physical host : C reated an NFS mount to another
> temporary Linux system that had sufficient storage for the 500GB
> filesystem
> 2. ) O n the physical host : U sed 'dd' to dump the /var filesystem's
> logical vol ume to an image file via NFS on t he temporar y Linux
> system .
> 3.) On the temporary Linux s ystem that now contained the filesystem
> image file, I ran "qemu-img info " and noticed that the fi lesystem
> image was qc ow2 type and specified a ba cking file.
> 4.) On t he physical host : Used 'dd' to dump the lo gical volume
> specified as a backing file, to an image file via NFS on t he
> temporar y Linux system.
> 5. ) On the temporary Linux system: Used ' qemu-img reba se ' to
> change the backing file to the local copy of the back ing file
> image.
> 6.) On the temporary Linux system: Used 'qemu-img commit' to commit
> the changes stored in the filesystem image file to the backing file
> image.
> 7.) O n the temporary Linux sy ste m : U sed 'qemu-img convert' to
> convert the backing file image to raw format.
> 8.) On the temporary Linux system: Used 'losetup', 'kpart' and 'fsck'
> to repair the backing file image. Fsck displayed t he same 'Del
> eting orphaned in ode ....' message but managed to con tinue and
> completed ok.
> 9.) O n the tempo rary Linux system: Mo unted the loop filesystem and
> confirmed that the data was intact and was current.
> 10 .) I n the oVirt GUI: Deactivated the faulty Virtual D isk
> attached to the guest.
> 11 .) In the oVirt GUI: Created a new 'preallocated ' Virtual Disk of
> sufficient size for the guest.
> 1 2 .) O n the physical host: Used 'dd' to upload the raw ba cking
> file image from (7) to the new lo gical volume.
> 1 3 .) I then conf igured the guest to boot from the CentOS D VD ISO
> into res cue mode to confirm that the lo gical volume for th e guest
> 's /var filesystem was accessi ble and mountable.
> 1 4 .) Reconfigured the guest to boo t from it's primary Virtual Disk
> and sta rted up the guest.
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> Kind regards,
> David Wilson
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> On Mon, Dec 03, 2012 at 04:37:01AM -0500, Yeela Kaplan wrote:
> Glad to hear it worked out.
> When oVirt started the vm it mounted the corrupt disk image that
> seemed fine,
> but it couldn't find the OS because of the corrupted fs,
> and the error caused it to pause the guest. I think we should be a
> bit more exact here: a VM without an installed OS
> does not pause. The cause of the pause was, most probably, and
> attempt
> to read from a corrupted qcow. When qemu fails to serve the guest
> with
> data due to a bug in the underlying storage, qemu stops and waits for
> further instructions from management. We use this feature for
> automatic
> lv-extend (on enospace error). But here, with eother error, a human
> intervension is required.
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